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What are veneers?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth then veneers could be the solution for you. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of the teeth to alter their shape and colour, thus creating an improved appearance of the smile.

Would I be a suitable candidate for veneers?

In order  to determine whether veneers are suitable for you, a detailed exam would be required to be carried by your dentist (we carry this out via a free consultation). During this we would look to find out what look you would like to achieve and the best course of action to achieve this. Often, a combination of different treatments may be required for optimal results. An example of this is shown in the case below.

What is the procedure for getting Veneers?

Below are the steps for a case completed by one of our dentists, Martin Allan, to show an example of the stages involved in this ultra-natural crown and veneer case.

DSC_1977 (1).JPG




Step 1. Initial Consultation

Following an examination and discussion with the patient, her needs were established and plan was generated to get her the smile that she wanted. Her initial situation is shown here.

DSC_1984 (1).JPG

Step 2. Mock Up

A mock up of what her teeth could look like with veneers was made and tried over her teeth. This allowed to confirm she was happy with the plan before treatment was started.


Step 3. Preparation of the teeth

Once the final appearance of the teeth was agreed with the patient, the teeth were then prepared for the veneers and crowns. Notice that most the teeth are only prepared slightly and two teeth prepared down more. These two teeth required more preparation for crowns as there was already a crown on one tooth that needed replaced and a large filling on the other which made it unsuitable for a veneer. 

Impressions were taken and sent to the lab to construct the veneers and crowns. Temporary veneers were placed over the teeth to provide a natural smile while waiting for the restorations to be made.

Step 4. Fit

The veneers and crowns were then fitted. Creating a beautiful natural looking smile

DSC_1984 (2).JPG


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