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Manage the cost of your treatment with a dental plan to help you avoid unexpected dental costs and always receive the best treatment and care.

Paying as you go does not suit all patients, with many appreciating the peace of mind of paying a fixed monthly sum which provides a personalised level of cover for all of their care. At Borland and Morton we are proud to incorporate Denplan, the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialists, as a means to provide you with the convenience of easy and affordable monthly payments to help you budget for regular preventative care, without the fear of costly or unexpected bills.
Included within all the plans is a supplementary insurance, to provide worldwide cover if you have a dental injury or dental emergency (if more than 40 miles from home).


Denplan Care is a comprehensive care plan which aims to provide you with all the treatment you need in one simple monthly cost. The monthly fee for Denplan Care is based upon the existing condition of your teeth and gums, this acts as an indicator for how much dental care you will need in the future. At your initial examination, your dentist will inform you which treatment band you would be.

What’s included?

  • Check-ups and x-rays

  • Scaling, polishing and other hygiene treatments (Including EMS scaling)

  • All fillings and extractions

  • Crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers and inlays (excluding laboratory fees)

  • Root Canal Treatment

  • Dental insurance (for an additional £0.60 per month)

  • 10% Discount off cosmetic treatments

What's not included?

  • Laboratory fees

  • Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment

  • Orthodontics, implants and cosmetic treatment

  • Treatment that's not clinically necessary


Denplan Essentials is an easy to set-up maintenance plan. You pay a monthly fee that covers a set number of treatments, including dental check-ups, dental hygiene visits and dental x-rays. You can sign up quickly and easily even if you have outstanding treatment required, which would need to be completed prior to signing up for Denplan Care. This plan does not include restorative treatment but it does provide a 10% discount on private dental treatment.

What’s included?

  • Dental check-ups

  • Dental hygiene visits (Including EMS scaling)

  • Dental x-rays

  • Preventive dental advice and therapy

  • Dental insurance (for an additional £0.60 per month)

  • 10% Discount off normal private treatment costs

What's not included?

  • Restorative dental treatments

  • Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment

  • Orthodontics, implants and cosmetic treatment

  • Treatment carried out elsewhere

Comparison of Private fees with Denplan Care and Essentials

Denplan fee graph.png
  • Denplan Care - from £23.35 per month depending on treatment needs.

  • Denplan Essentials

    • £15.35 per month based on 2 exams and 2 Hygiene appointments per year.

    • £22.35 per month based on 2 exams and 4 hygiene appointments per year.

You can sign up for Denplan Essentials by contacting the practice on 01698 285726 or by applying online. After signing up we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

If you would like to sign up for Denplan Care then we will need to arrange an exam appointment to establish your treatment needs. You can contact the practice by calling 01698 285726 or by completing the below contact form to arrange an appointment. Following your assessment your dentist will tell you of any treatment required to make you dentally fit which will need to be completed prior to starting your Denplan Care membership. This is not required before signing up for Denplan Essentials as this is a set free no matter what your level of treatment needs might be. After this your registration can be completed quickly within the practice or we can give you a form to be completed at your own convenience.





0% APR



In order the make treatment more affordable we offer interest free finance on treatment plans costing more than £500. Finance terms are available over either 6 or 10 months. Applications can be completed within 5 minutes and most decisions made within a couple of  minutes.

Ask at reception if you wish to apply.

More information available here


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