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Borland and Morton is one of the few practices in Scotland to offer this state of the art service to patients. Utilising the latest CAD/CAM technology we are able to provide patients with beautiful, strong and long lasting restorations in one visit, without the need for impressions or temporary restorations.

At Borland and Morton, we are one of the first practices in the UK to have the latest CEREC Omnicam technology which allows to provide strong and long lasting restorations that looks and feel like just a natural tooth in only one visit. With CEREC restorations there are no need for temporary restorations, impressions or 2nd appointments and the restoration is all Ceramic (metal free) so it looks great. CEREC is so versatile and is ideal to restore simple unsightly fillings to root treated and badly broken down teeth.

The process is really easy:–

  1. The tooth is prepared any decay or unsightly amalgam fillings are removed and shaped to accommodate the CEREC restoration.

  2. The Omnicam takes high resolution images of your teeth and builds a digital model of your on the computer which allows us to design the ideal restoration in terms of function and appearance.

  3. The restoration is milled in the in-house milling machine and polished

  4. Staining and glazing, subtle stains and characterisations can be added to the restoration to make it look like your natural teeth.

  5. The completed restoration is bonded into place and finished and smoothed leaving you with and brand new tooth and a smile on your face!!!

  6. Ask us about CEREC we will be happy to advise you further.

  7. We also use Emax Ceramic material which is the highest quality dental ceramic material giving unparallel aesthetics and strength.

cerec process collage.jpg

A video showing CEREC in action

Here a partial coverage crown (or Onlay) is being produced which allows for minimal preparation of the tooth. This whole process was completed in around 2 hours.

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