Under the NHS Exams are free for everyone and patients under the age of 18 do not pay for dental treatment. Some patients may be exempt from paying for their dental treatment while others have to pay toward there dental treatments. Click the link below for help to establish whether you pay for treatment on the NHS.

Two small X-rays - £5.28
1 visit scale & polish - £12.00
Amalgam (silver) filling from - £8.20
Root canal treatment from - £44.20
Single crown (front tooth) - £116.32
Simple extraction (one tooth) - £15.22
Dentures starting from - £64.88


Whilst the NHS offers a good service there are limitations and restrictions on the treatment we can provide. Our private services allows us to use the best materials and equipment to provide the highest quality treatment possible. 

You may wish to remain registered as an NHS patient and chose private options that suit you or sign up as private only patient on a dental plan (Denplan) or on a pay as you go basis.

Some private treatment costs:​

20 Minutes hand scale and polish - £37

Ultrasonic Scale and polish - £48

Ultrasonic Scaling and Air-polishing - £65

Cerec Crown - £385

White filling on back tooth from - £65

Professional home teeth whitening treatment - £250


At Borland and Morton Dental Surgeons we provide Denplan, dental Payment plans. These plans are divided into 2 different levels of cover:

Denplan Essentials - Covers the basic elements of preventative and routine care with discounted fees for any additional private treatment.

Denplan Care - An extension of the Essentials/Maintenance plan which covers a more comprehensive range of dental treatments