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It is usually recommended for everyone to have a scale and polish provided on a regular basis to remove any hardened on plaque and staining that can build up on your teeth that you will not be able to remove with brushing alone. It is important to remove this build up as it creates a rough surface which encourages further build up of calculus (tartar) to accumulate on the teeth and can lead to gum disease and eventual tooth loss if not addressed. Your hygienist or dentist will be able to provide you on the appropriate frequency of hygiene appointments to suit your individual needs.

At Borland and Morton Dental Care we offer a full range of hygiene services, on a private only basis, with our lovely Dental Hygienists/Therapists, Laura and Colette. As qualified dental therapists, Laura and Colette are able to provide a full range of hygiene services as also provide children's dental treatments and most fillings.

Book Your Hygiene Appointment Online

You can currently book in for the following appointments with the Dental therapist by clicking the box below:

  • Conventional Scale and Polish using hand instruments or Ultrasonic Scaler £44

  • Guided Biofilm Therapy using EMS machine for warm water pleasant air-polishing. £69

Please note if you are currently registered with the practice then you only need to add your name and date of birth to sign in, otherwise you must click on "register". Once you are logged in then click "Find Appointments".

Denplan patients please call the practice to arrange your appointment.

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What is EMS and air-polishing?

Air-polishing is a very effective method for removing staining from teeth. It uses a fine spray of powder to break-up and remove staining more efficiently than conventional scale and polishing. With our new EMS Air-polishing machine the water is warmed to 40 degrees to prevent the sensitivity that can be felt with conventional scaling techniques which are only required for thick deposits. 

The polish used is antibacterial and can be used under the gum for a long-lasting clean. Detailed steps of the unique new approach scaling and polishing shown Below:


EMS Guided Biolfilm Therapy in detail

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