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We are proud to introduce our new

ITERO digital scanner

The ITERO scanner provides high accuracy scans of your mouth to build a 3D digital model of your mouth and teeth to allows us to provide you with a higher levels of care.

Some of the uses of the ITERO Scanner:

  • ​Invisalign smile simulations 

  • Precise monitoring of your teeth over time

  • Accurate, impression free crowns

  • Great fitting PEEK digital dentures 

Invisalign Smile Simulations

The ITERO scanner is made by Align who also produce the market leading aligner system for straightening teeth, Invisalign. This has allowed for an integrated ability to scan teeth then instantly show how these teeth are predicted to move with with Invisalign. Allowing an excellent opportunity to see the finished result before starting any treatment.

itero smile simulation.png

Excellent monitoring of teeth

One of the most important parts of your regular dental exam is monitoring if anything has changed since your previous appointments. Many gradual changes in the teeth can be hard to spot such as:

  • Chipping and wear from possible clenching or grinding habits, 

  • Tooth movements from teeth drifting or tilting and crossing over,

  • Recession of gums as they can shrink over time.

These changes are important and while most issues can be spotted at your exam appointment it is impossible to measure these changes over time to by visual inspection to know whether there is an active problem that must be addressed or a previous issue that may have been resolved already.​

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