Covid-19 guidance on attending for dental care.

Covid-19, updated 05/05/21

Borland and Morton Dental Care is now open to see patients for routine dental treatment. However, unlike in many other areas of society, there are still enhanced restrictions affecting healthcare. These restrictions take the form of maintaining social distancing within the practice, enhanced cleaning and PPE requirements and limited surgeries allowed to operate at a time which equates to a reduced capacity to treat patients. We have tried to combat this with increased working hours over the last year but there continues to be a back log of treatment required meaning extended waiting times for everyone.

Please read our blog posts "COVID 19 - Are dentists back open?" and "December Covid-19 Update" for further information on this.

No one will be permitted into the practice without making an appointment over the phone beforehand and there will be limited appointments available in order to maintain social distancing. Please avoid attending the practice without first phoning.



  • Your appointment should have already been arranged over the phone and confirmed with a text or email. You will need to complete a questionnaire online prior to your appointment to confirm your medical history, Covid status and contact information. If you don’t have internet access this will be done over the phone.

  • We would ask you to pay for any cost using card payments where possible and preferably contactless. 

  • It is very important you attend on time for your appointment. You may be required to wait outside until your allotted appointment time. This is to minimise the number of patients in the practice at one time. 

  • You should attend the appointment alone and use the hand sanitiser . Exceptions are for children and patients who require a carer or assistance. Please only bring 1 other person to the appointment. 

  • You will be asked to take a seat in one of the socially distanced chairs in reception until you are called through to the surgery. Please remain in your chair and wear a mask until you are in the surgery when you may remove it. Please be aware that they will be wearing more PPE than normal, but we will still be happy to see under all that and probably a bit hot. 

What treatment will be provided

Although we can now offer a full range of NHS treatments, we note that we face a huge backlog of patient appointments and a limited capacity to provide treatment. We also have a limited amount of PPE available and we therefore must prioritise appointments based on a clinical need. Priority will be given to: 


  1. Dental Emergencies - Those who suffer from severe pain, swelling, dental trauma or bleeding will be treated within 24 hours and anyone with broken teeth or lost fillings will be seen as soon as possible;

  2. Incomplete/Open Treatment courses - Any patients who started treatment prior to COVID-19 or who were treated for emergencies over this period will be contacted to complete outstanding treatment.


We will also be able to register new patients at the practice in order to facilitate access  to NHS EMERGENCY CARE should this be necessary. 


Less priority will be given to non-essentials treatments such as:


  1. New dentures;

  2. Veneers & crowns;

  3. Any other cosmetic treatments


We will also begin to contact patients in due course to schedule check-ups in the near future. We will be operating a triaging system where patients will be assessed and rebooked based on their immediate needs. Please note that we are still unable to use routine ultrasonic scaling and polishing during check-ups as this falls into the category of AGP (of which we have limited slots for). If you would like to book in for a scale and polish the hygienist is able to complete these on a private only basis but appointments are very limited and in high demand. For further information on hygiene appointments click here.


We would also take this opportunity to remind NHS patients that, should they wish to complete treatment sooner, they may opt for treatment on a private basis. We appreciate that this priority may not be favourable for all patients, however, we feel that this is the fairest system that we are practically and safely able to operate within the parameters of the restrictions. We will endeavour to treat as many patients as possible and have extended our opening hours in an effort to accommodate this. 


Our new hours are

Monday 8am - 8pm 

Tuesday 8am - 8pm

Wednesday 8am - 8pm

Thursday 8am - 7pm

Friday 8am - 6pm 

What are we doing to make the practice safe?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic we already ensured strict infection control protocols were adhered to. As well as these measures we have also added the following measures:

  • Increased cleaning of communal areas and any areas that anyone might touch.

  • The Surgeries would always be wiped down between patients prior to the pandemic as well as use of single-used equipment where possible. We are now limiting patients and switching between surgeries to allow for increased levels of cleaning between patients.

  • After AGPs the surgeries are left empty for an hour to let any aerosols settle from the air and the full surgery is cleaned down, including mopping the floors and wiping down the entire surgery.

  • Staff are wearing increased levels of PPE to protect patients and staff.

  • Only 2 surgeries are running at any time to limit the number of patients in the practice and interactions between them as well as increased appointment lengths where possible.

  • Only people with appointments are allowed to enter the practice to maintain social distancing.

If you are unsure whether you would be able to be seen then always contact us on 01698 285726 and we will be happy to advise you further.