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Covid-19 guidance on attending for dental care.

This is a very fast changing and confusing time for everyone and can be very difficult to stay up to date with what the latest guidance is regarding attending for appointments at the dentist. We have attempted to clarify the current guidance available to us and have created this page to hopefully answer your questions. 

Covid-19 Update 23/03/20

  • New restrictions are in place to limit personal contact wherever possible and to stop all routine dental treatment. As a result we will only be accepting emergency appointments at the practice and all routine appointments will be cancelled going forward. A dental emergency may be severe pain, dental trauma, uncontrolled bleeding or facial swelling. If you are unsure whether you require an emergency appointment then contact the practice on 01698 285726 or surgery@borlandmorton.co.uk and well will be able to provide further guideance.



  • If you have any of these symptoms and are in need of urgent dental treatment then contact the practice by phone on 01698 285726 or email surgery@borlandmorton.co.uk where we will be able make appropriate arrangements for your care.

What are we doing to limit the spread of infection within the practice

  • As always we implement standard universal infection control procedures of cleaning and disinfecting all clinical areas, using disposable single-use equipment where possible and sterilising any reusable equipment. To further prevent any risk of infection spreading we have also removed magazines from the waiting room, have been regularly disinfecting areas such as door handles and other surfaces in the waiting areas. We also ask patients to use contactless payment where possible to prevent cash handling at reception. 

  • We are also operating with a skeleton staff to make sure to keep the number of people in the practice at anyone time to a minimum and reduce personal contact as much as possible. With this in mind it may be harder for us to answer telephone calls but if you leave a message or email the practice we will call you back as soon as possible. 


We know this is a hugely inconvenient time for all and we would ask people to be as understanding as possible at this difficult time for everyone. Hopefully, by working together and sticking to the guidelines we can effectively manage and reduce the spread of the virus and ultimately save lives. If you are still unsure whether to attend then feel free to contact the practice for further advice.

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