Covid-19 guidance on attending for dental care.

Covid-19, updated 13/07/20

We are now entering phase 3 in the Scottish government's plan for easing lockdown. Borland and Morton Dental Care is now open to see patients for routine dental treatment. However, there are still restrictions limiting the number of patients we are able to see in order to reduce unnecessary social interactions and ration limited PPE supplies. Therefore we will have to prioritise appointments for to those requiring treatment or those with specific concerns requiring an exam rather than routine 6 monthly check-up appointments. 

Please read our latest blog post "COVID 19 - Are dentists back open?"for further information on this.

No one will be permitted into the practice without making an appointment over the phone beforehand and there will be limited appointments available in order to maintain social distancing. Please avoid attending the practice without first phoning.



  • Your appointment should have already been arranged over the phone and confirmed with a text or email. You will need to complete a questionnaire online prior to your appointment to confirm your medical history, Covid status and contact information. If you don’t have internet access this will be done over the phone.

  • We would like you to prepay for your dental treatment. You will be given an estimate of cost for treatment that we can take payment over the phone or bank transfer to minimise unnecessary contact in the practice. 

  • It is very important you attend on time for your appointment. You may be required to wait outside until your allotted appointment time. This is to minimise the number of patients in the practice at one time. 

  • The inside door will be locked. Please ring the bell to alert staff to your arrival. You will be asked to confirm your details and use hand sanitiser before entering the premises.  

  • You should attend the appointment alone. Exceptions are for children and patients who require a carer or assistance. Please only bring 1 other person to the appointment. 

  • The patient toilet will not be in use during the appointment, unless in absolute emergencies.

  • You will be shown straight into the surgery to see your dentist. Please be aware that they will be wearing more PPE than normal, but we will still be happy to see under all that and probably a bit hot. 

  • We may get you to use a mouthwash before your treatment begins, provided you have no allergies. 

  • Treatment will be completed as normal, at this stage without creating an aerosol by using the drill for example. 

  • Once the treatment is complete, provided you have prepaid, you can leave straight out the practice. One of the nurses will let you out the door. Any subsequent appointments will be noted in surgery and you will be contacted over by the reception team.

What treatment will be provided

We now able to provide more routine treatment than in Phase 2, however, under the NHS we are still not allowed to provide any treatments which produce an aerosol (water spray). These same treatments many be able to be provided privately within the practice or would require a referral to one of the Urgent Dental Care Centres. More information around this is provided in our latest blog post: "COVID 19 - Are dentists back open?"

Under the NHS we will be able to do:

  • Temporary fillings

  • Cementing in crowns or bridge work

  • Smooth traumatic rough edges on teeth or dentures

  • Repairing dentures

  • Treat wisdom tooth pain

  • Extractions

  • Exams (where there is a specific concern, avoiding routine recall appointments due to lack of availability of appointments)

Additional treatments are now available privately only. Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) will include an additional £50 fee to cover greatly increased levels and costs of PPE along with lengthy appointment times. Please read our latest blog post: "COVID 19 - Are dentists back open?" for an explanation on this. A list of some of these treatments are listed below:

  • Scale and polishing with hygienist (using hand instruments only)

  • Root Canal Treatments (AGP)

  • Permanent Fillings (AGP)

  • Crown and  bridge preparations (AGP)

  • Construction of new dentures

If you are unsure whether you would be able to be seen then always contact us on 01698 285726 and we will be happy to advise you further.

Watch the video below to view a visit to the practice with the new measures in place.


Self-care advice

While we hope that we will be able to see everyone who needs us and provide an environment where everyone feels safe to attend there may still be some in vulnerable groups who would put off coming to the dentist for little longer. For these people who have a dental problem have created a blog post to provide some advice on how you can best deal with some common dental emergencies at home. There is also a video below where we have looked into some of the temporary filling materials available during this time.

In the above video we take a look at some temporary filling kits available during lockdown and help to provide some information on using them. You can skip ahead to the below time stamps for relevant information.

0.44 - Toofypegs temporary filling

2.20 - Toofypegs crown recement

6.33 - Dentek temporary filling

9.30 - Dentek crown recement (not recommended for this purpose)

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